we offer support to those healing and in recovery

Heartfelt Peer Support is a company designed by peers, for peers. The contributors to this site are people who have been examples of hope to others by healing their lives and sharing their journey. Through their stories of healing from trauma, mental illness, addiction, loss and more, we see that living a life of fulfillment is possible. We exchange hope through our shared experience.

We hold this space as a reminder that healing is an on-going process. We believe that having the support of others with shared experience, makes a difference in our ability to continue our journey of overall health. We offer support groups to give individuals a place to express themselves in a safe and understanding environment. We believe healing is possible.

Putting the "felt" in Heartfelt...


"Our space to feel felt"

Sometimes peers have an easier time sharing their feelings through creative mediums. Putting the “felt” in “heartfelt”, we often use puppets to express ourselves in a fun and unique way. Although we have created finger puppets specifically for Heartfelt Peer Support, we recommend peers find puppets that fit their own personality. This is a chance to be creative and bring out the Puppet-Peer in you.